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Shop Corbett Lighting for Candle Chandeliers, Brass Wall Sconces, Bathroom Lighting Fixtures and Much More

Corbett Lighting offers customers high quality lighting fixtures for virtually every kind of theme and design. A leader in energy efficient lighting, choosing an energy star fixture from Corbett can help cut your electricity bill.

Corbett Lighting


For more than 40 years. Corbett Lighting has created and manufactured beautiful lighting for residential, hospitality and commercial / contract markets.
Corbett Lighting’s superb craftsmanship and revered aesthetic principles create light fixtures that ultimately define the sophisticated rooms they grace.
From bias cut crystals to delicate handmade Japanese paper, Corbett Lighting uses only the most stylized and unique materials.
Corbett Lighting’s tenacious manufacturing standards and commitment to superior design consistently produce breathtaking and singular pieces, making Corbett Lighting the leader in high-quality lighting. Corbett Lighting is popular for their candle chandeliers, bathroom lighting systems, and wall sconces.

Corbett Lighting

Corbett Lighting aims to make each of their lighting pieces into heirlooms. This company manufactures items that every homeowner will be proud to pass on to their family’s future generations. By using only the finest products available, Corbett Lighting has become one of the favorite brands of many designers and homeowners, in both North and West Vancouver regions of the Lower Mainland. The company has a great collection of lighting pieces in different styles, including Asian, Mediterranean, and Crystal. Corbett Lighting also has lighting pieces in modern contemporary, transitional, and tropical styles.

Corbett Lighting

Product Line

Corbett Lighting offers beautiful ceiling, outdoor, and wall lighting fixtures for homeowners the most discerning taste in designs and materials. The company has many collections found at

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Sherrie Luchuck

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Bachelor of Human Ecology
Major in Clothing and Textiles

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“Sherrie Salnikowski gave us great service with great suggestions to make things look amazing while remaining sensitive to our budget. Don’t often send these in but great service should be commended.” -Rick S.


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“Sweet, patient, and helpful!” -Anonymous