5 Lighting Fixtures Trends 2024


Lighting Trends 2024

As we eagerly count down the days until our team heads to Dallas Market this January, excitement fills the air. The event is a much-anticipated highlight for our team, offering a first look at the latest in lighting designs. Our President and VP, Brett and Leigh, have been attending the Market for over 20 years. Now, with a growing team by their side, they explore market to discover emerging lighting trends.

As we prepare for market, we’re anticipating a few key trends to watch out for in 2024. Keep these in mind as potential fixtures to elevate your space in the new year.

1. Nod to Natural: A Touch of Organic Elegance

Natural materials continue to dominate lighting design. Whether creating a serene coastal casual atmosphere, embracing bohemian chandeliers vibes, or incorporating a modern organic look, these fixtures seamlessly integrate nature into diverse interiors.

2. Sculptural & Structural Statements: Elevating Light into Art

Another significant lighting fixtures trend we’re noting is the prevalence of lighting designs that go beyond functionality, transforming into sculptural masterpieces. Angular lines and graceful movements demonstrate how light itself can be an art form, merging beauty with practicality.

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3. Artful Alabaster / Artful Glass: Timeless Luxury

The use of alabaster in lighting designs introduces a sense of timeless luxury. Resembling marble, this exquisite mineral adds sophistication to fixtures. Additionally, keep an eye out for fixtures with iridescent or artful glass, capturing light in unique ways for added allure.

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4. White Fixtures: A Clean Palette of Radiance

Embrace the elegance of monochromatic white fixtures, where every detail, from chains to rods, shares the same hue. This stark and refreshing aesthetic brings sophistication to any space, serving as a clean canvas for radiant illumination.

5. Mix Finishes: Harmony in Diversity

Mixing finishes continues to be a standout trend. Picture black paired with copper or white complementing wood finishes. This harmonious blend not only enhances the fixture’s visual appeal but also adds layers of texture and interest to the entire space.

As we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of these trends at Dallas Market, consider these fixtures as potential inspirations to refresh your space in the new year. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring the magic of Dallas Market 2024 directly to you. 

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