Our Residential Projects

Custom Homes & Renovations


AspenGrove Developments

Project: Waterloo
Design/Build: AspenGrove Developments
ALA Lighting Specialist: Heather Reinsch, BID

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Bungalow Interior Design

Project: Gabrielle Roy Project
Design: Bungalow Interior Design
Construction: Garnet Construction
Photography: Victoria Anne Photography
ALA Lighting Specialist: Donna Welz

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Avanti Custom Homes

Project: Oak Bluff West Show Home
Design/Build: Avanti Custom Homes
ALA Lighting Specialist: Donna Welz

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Ventura Custom Homes

Project: Alison Show Home – Prairie View Lakes
Design: Ventura Custom Homes

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A&S Homes

Project: The Camden Show Home
Design/Build: A&S Homes
ALA Lighting Specialist: Megan Thiessen, Res/Dec

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Daytona Homes

Project: Amani Project
Design/Build: Daytona Homes
ALA Lighting Specialist: Megan Thiessen, Res/Dec

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Dwell Design

Project: Waterloo
Design/Build: Dwell Design Homes
Photography: Lynsey Corbett

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Isabey Interiors

Project: Maverick Lakefront Property
Design/Build: Isabey Interiors
ALA Lighting Specialist: Melanie Goodfellow

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Jade Bay Constructors

Project: Lakehouse
Design/Build: Jade Bay Constructors
ALA Lighting Specialist: Lindsey Tetlock


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Grindstone Renovations

Project: Hecla Cabin
Build: Grindstone Renovations
Design: S3 Interior Design
Photography: Empire Photography
ALA Lighting Specialist: Megan Thiessen, Res/Dec

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Oswald Construction

Project: Hamilton
Design/Build: Oswald Construction

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3rd Generation

Project: 2023 OHAE Gold Winner
Build: 3rd Generation Homes
ALA Lighting Specialist: Trish Wright

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Bolt Electric

Project: Lakefront Home
Electrician: Bolt Electric
ALA Lighting Specialist: Nicole Duxbury

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Whitney Smith

Project: Kitchen Renovation
Design: Whitney Smith Interiors
ALA Lighting Specialist: Trish Wright

Hearth Home

Project: Bathroom Renovation
Build: Hearth Homes
ALA Lighting Specialist: Heather Reinsch, BID

Dining Upgrade

Project: Home Renovation
ALA Lighting Specialist: Trish Wright

Exterior Renovation

Project: Landscape/Exterior Update

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Sherrie Luchuck

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
9+ Years of Experience
Bachelor of Human Ecology
Major in Clothing and Textiles

What Clients Have To Say About Sherrie:


“Sherrie Salnikowski gave us great service with great suggestions to make things look amazing while remaining sensitive to our budget. Don’t often send these in but great service should be commended.” -Rick S.


“Thanks Sherrie – that was very easy shopping! I have always raved about the great service we have had from Robinson Lighting – when we were doing our major renovation we couldn’t have asked for anything better.”


“Sweet, patient, and helpful!” -Anonymous