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Already know which room you’re looking to enhance with the perfect lighting fixture, or simply in search of inspiration? This page is here to simplify your journey. We’ve organized our lighting selection based on room categories, making it easier than ever to find the ideal lighting solutions for your specific space. Whether you’re seeking to narrow down your choices for a particular room or exploring creative ways to layer lighting throughout your home, this page is your go-to resource. Let us help you illuminate your spaces.

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Sherrie Luchuck

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
9+ Years of Experience
Bachelor of Human Ecology
Major in Clothing and Textiles

What Clients Have To Say About Sherrie:


“Sherrie Salnikowski gave us great service with great suggestions to make things look amazing while remaining sensitive to our budget. Don’t often send these in but great service should be commended.” -Rick S.


“Thanks Sherrie – that was very easy shopping! I have always raved about the great service we have had from Robinson Lighting – when we were doing our major renovation we couldn’t have asked for anything better.”


“Sweet, patient, and helpful!” -Anonymous