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Redefine Outdoor Living

The right lighting can transform your entire outdoor living space, from your backyard oasis to the welcoming front of your house. Whether you’re creating an enchanting patio, illuminating the pathways leading to your front door, or enhancing the security and style of your home, our collection offers various outdoor lighting options to meet all your needs.

Landscape Lighting

Elevate the charm of your front yard and backyard with landscape lighting that exudes sophistication. Harness an array of fixtures, such as garden lights, path lights, and well lights, to cast a spotlight on your property’s natural allure. Seamlessly transform your outdoor spaces from front to back, ensuring a welcome that’s both warm and dazzling.

Flush Mounts

Designed specifically for outdoor use, our sleek flush mounts offer a modern and unobtrusive lighting solution for limited spaces. Weather-resistant and durable, they provide a clean, subtle glow, effortlessly elevating your outdoor spaces with style and efficiency.


For enhanced security and versatility, consider our floodlights. With powerful, wide-angle illumination, they effortlessly light up large areas like your backyard or front yard. Explore our selection, including motion-activated options, ensuring a well-lit and safe property.

String Lights

Add enchantment to your outdoor space with string lights, perfect for gatherings in the backyard or welcoming guests on the front porch. Creating a warm ambiance, they set the mood for memorable evenings under the stars and significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Wall Sconces

Versatile wall sconces not only add ambiance but also provide focused lighting to your outdoor area. Strategically placing them allows for the highlighting of specific architectural details, guiding pathways, or accentuating your front entrance.

Outdoor Pendants and Chandeliers

Extend elegance from the front to the back of your house with outdoor pendants and chandeliers. Designed to withstand the elements, they come in various styles to suit your outdoor decor, creating captivating focal points and enhancing functionality.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Make your outdoor living areas more comfortable with our outdoor ceiling fans. Specifically designed to withstand exposure to the elements, they provide a refreshing breeze during hot summer days. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to complement your outdoor decor, ranging from traditional to modern designs.

Explore our diverse range of fixtures to seamlessly transform your outdoor living spaces into havens of beauty, functionality, and security. Illuminate your front yard to the backyard, and create unforgettable moments with carefully chosen outdoor lighting.

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Sherrie Luchuck

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
9+ Years of Experience
Bachelor of Human Ecology
Major in Clothing and Textiles

What Clients Have To Say About Sherrie:


“Sherrie Salnikowski gave us great service with great suggestions to make things look amazing while remaining sensitive to our budget. Don’t often send these in but great service should be commended.” -Rick S.


“Thanks Sherrie – that was very easy shopping! I have always raved about the great service we have had from Robinson Lighting – when we were doing our major renovation we couldn’t have asked for anything better.”


“Sweet, patient, and helpful!” -Anonymous